A lot of people are currently working for someone else, yet longing to be their own boss by owning their own business.  Others are recently retired and seeking a way to get back into a new line of work.  Still others just might be looking for a change and a way to improve their lives - and enjoy the benefits of running their own franchise business.

Why Buy a Franchise?
Simply put, to minimize risk and enhance your chances of success.  A franchise has a chance of success FOUR times greater than an individual going into business for themselves.  With a franchise you know what you're getting in to.  With another business you may not.  It's simply a question of the "known" versus the "unknown."  What is known with a franchise is what to do, how to do it, and how much money you should spend doing it in order to run your business efficiently.

When you buy a franchise, you buy an opportunity to own your own business, to control your own income, to govern your own financial destiny, and to reduce the risk typically associated with non-franchise start-up businesses.

Why Buy an Under the Sea Indoor Playground Franchise?
The Under the Sea Indoor Playgrond Franchise is a tried and true concept that has been refined, perfected, and proven over time.  Learning from our system allows you to bypass most common mistakes, focusing instead on developing and growing your business.

Our business objective is to organize a network of childrens' game, activity and entertainment centers operated by skilled people dedicated to providing children with excellent service and a safe environment.  We are confident in our recreational project because we are an outstanding provider of services in our field and have developed the highest recognition in today's "family fun" marketplace.  Our growth potential via dedicated and skilled people was designed and developed to achieve success.

In the Under the Sea Indoor Playground, Inc. family, you will find a business home.  You will have the support of the systems, techniques, and people that will help you reach your objectives in achieving a bettter and more successful life.

Safest Investment to Achieve Success
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, franchising is the safest road to success for the new businessperson.  It is a proven business concept that originated over a hundred years ago with General Motors and the Singer Sewing Machine Company.  In the last 50 years, franchising has exploded into one of the most powerful methods of distributing goods and services in the marketplace.  Globally, franchising has become the market strategy of choice...and it's growth appears to be unabated.  This is because franchising enables people or families with the desire to operate a business, to start that business by being in the same "family" with the franchisor.

Your Operational Support
Under the Sea Indoor Playground, Inc. utilizes years of operational experience to provide a solid foundation for your franchise.  We've assembled an experienced senior management team as well as a dedicated franchise support staff to help you get your new Under the Sea up and running.  During the time of your opening, our Operations Spe t will be on hand to guide you in setting up your franchise operation, including equipment, final employee training and other vital operational tasks.  Once you're open for business, Under the Sea will guide you in such areas as personnel, marketing, and management.  Throughout the lifetime of the franchise, we will provide ongoing communication and guidance to help you in your approach to operations, management, and marketing.

How Can You Benefit?
As a franchise owner, you can enjoy benefits and rewards unique to any other type of business.  Some benefits include:

  • Being part of a uniform operation sharing the same look and feel of the service and products you are providing
  • Professional training on how to open, operate, and maintain your business
  • Purchasing power advantage
  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch
  • Exterior and interior unit design concept
  • Guidance in site selection
  • Counseling and guidance from field supervisor
  • Operations training
  • Seminars and other activities that can promote business
  • Inventory control system
  • Web site services and information (when put into operation)
  • Accounting & reporting system
  • Group advertising and public relations power
  • Research and development

Training For You And Your Personnel
Under the Sea management training and support includes both classroom and in-shop training in areas such as sales skills, sales activities, product knowledge, inventory procedures, administrative duties, merchandising, promotional techniques, personnel selection, scheduling and personnel management, agency operations, record keeping, and sales analysis.

At our headquarters in our training center in Los Angeles, California, you and a key management employee will receive orientation and training.  Through "hands on" instruction you will learn operational and management skills, as well as our Under the Sea procedures, proven effective over the years.

Our training curriculum includes:

  • Management
  • Personnel management
  • Equipment usage/maintenance
  • Product knowledge
  • Hiring and training
  • Accounting procedures
  • Operations
  • Customer service
  • Budget control
  • Marketing
  • Research and development

When you return home to prepare for your franchise opening, our valuable manual will serve as your guide.  The Confidential Operations Manual is your reference for daily operations, and an excellent aid for training your staff.  Your training continues via periodical meetings, manual updates, as well as in-house training and information to keep you and your staff abreast of improvements and innovations.

For an entrepreneur who wants to be self-employed while maintaining the proven systems that a franchised business system provides, an investment in an Under the Sea Indoor Playground franchise may be the ideal business opportunity.

What is the Next Step?

  • Fill out and submit the Under the Sea Indoor Playground, Inc Franchise Application, to our headquarters below.  Filling out and submitting the application to us does not commit you to opening a franchise.
  • Your application will be reviewed by our management team.
  • We will notify you of our decision regarding your qualifications for an Under the Sea Indoor Playground franchise as quickly as possible.

If you qualify, we will arrange a personal interview with our Director of Franchising.

We welcome your interest in an Under the Sea Indoor Playground franchise.

Initial Investment: investment.pdf (94KB)
Franchise Application: application

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